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Another amazing Pacesetter Gallery Open Mic Poetry Night April 7th from 6-8pm. The monthly event brought together people of all walks and ages, each bringing their poetic creations to life!


Our artists and poets had some time to discuss some collaborations on some art-inspired poetry, and poetry --inspired art! I can't wait to see what they come up with!


Pictured left to right is new Pacesetter artist Catron Wallace with poet Autum and Mississippi arts supporter, retired St. Andrew's art teacher and local artist Kathy Smith

Catron Wallace, the gallery's newest abstract artist was very impressed with her first day in the gallery and her expressionist paintings were a perfect backdrop to this night of great creativity. Many new poets joined us and were inspired by art and poetry and fellowship 


What an honor! Linda Watson Owen, past president of the Mississippi Poetry Society and current president of the MPS Central branch wrote a poem for the gallery which she shared at the event. Linda is featured in The Mississippi Poetry Journals, Celebrating Mississippi, Mississippi Milestones, The Society of Classic Poets, and The Delta Poetry Review among others.


Join us May 4th for the next Pacesetter Open Mic Night. May you be inspired and cherish every moment as I have. 


Keri Davis