Pacesetter Gallery welcomes new artist submissions for consideration. Before submitting, please review our gallery website to evaluate if your work fits the vibe of the gallery. Please review below expectations of accepted artists before submitting your work for consideration. 


Walk-in submissions are not accepted due to high volume  please submit all artwork for review to 


We do not grant in-person appointments unless images have been reviewed and found of interest to the gallery through the formal submission process. We would love to have you come by the gallery to see if your work fits the vision of the gallery, join us for a creative event and make Pacesetter Gallery a place to be inspired. 


We choose to not look at phone images as they are underwhelming and rarely show the artist's work at its best, which doesn't benefit the artist.


Currently the gallery is full, but reviewing submissions for late spring time frame. 


Thank you!

Submit recent work accompanied by all information requested below:


All types of medium used


Retail Price

Year Created

List of gallery affiliation including past and present.


Website address


Link for most used Social (FB/Instagram/Tiktok) 

Website address is acceptable but all guidelines must be met, and can be completed through additional information email. 


Please limit the total emailed attachments to under 5 MB and submit them in JPEG format. Please submit no more than 7 images for consideration. Choose images that give a good picture of your main medium and supporting images for any additional work you create to show your diversity of point of view. 


We require a week to review, please touch base with an email if you haven't heard back within that time. 

Expectations for Accepted Artists

Once accepted, artwork for Pacesetter Gallery must be submitted with an artist bio and picture and artwork detail sheets provided by the gallery per artwork to facilitate searchability on the website. We also require two digital images, one forward-facing and one from the left side angle showing the depth of each piece, sent by email prior to any artwork being taken in the gallery. 


We are a physical and virtual gallery and need to have all information up-to-date for the website and for marketing pieces created by the gallery. The gallery expects artists to be partners in growing sales and awareness of the gallery and themselves buy creating and sharing gallery social media posts at least once a week and attending some events that are created for artists to meet potential collectors.  


We adhere to these procedures to maximize physical and virtual gallery potential and allow our gallery operational team to streamline intake procedures. Our goal is to find create long-lasting relationships with artists, growing our businesses together.


The gallery team is here to help support new artists as they get started with the gallery and answer any and all questions! Our mission and passion is to support and promote the working Mississippi artist and wish you great revelations in everything you do.

Keri Davis

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