Keri Norris

Wedding Boots, 2012
11.50 x 8 in

Wedding boots worn by a bride at the Ragland's pond off Little Big Mound Road in Bentonia, Mississippi

Keri Norris





Keri Behrends is a photographer who also works in acrylic and colored pencil. Her current work is abstract, using colored pencil to shade and accentuate abstract forms in simple, impactful line drawings. Keri's work explores textures and organic shapes with multiple layers of colored pencil using smooth, flowing shading.


Keri's photography captures the beauty and light she sees in the people and places around her. Through lighting her subjects, both still life and portraiture, her compositions and lighting create a dramatic, rich image. Keri is an art educator, and lives with her husband, Brian and their three boys. 




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