Candle/Ocean Driftwood, 2021
These candles are poured into a large glass mug with assorted flowers placed on top. It comes with a multipurpose top that is a coaster when you finish the candle and are ready to use your cup. The driftwood, woodsy offset design are great for decorating and make a great gift. The artist takes pride in creating items that have multiple uses and celebrates nature.


Erin Jeanson is an artist who utilizes nature and sells her work under the name Laughterlion. She was born in Orlando, Florida, but grew up in various parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. She has always loved creating beautiful things, through drawings or henna tattoos, or through personal products such as soaps, candles, flower crowns, bath salts, or lip gloss. All of the products are made by her hand, in her kitchen, and everything she designs is flower-related. The inspiration for her work comes from a darker time in her life.  Her daughter passed away at 22 months of age.  When Erin buried her, she wanted her to look like a princess of nature, so she made her a flower crown. Not long after, another family member lost their baby girl, and asked Erin to create a flower crown for her too. That was when the artist found her inspiration to make more crowns for other people. She has made many custom crowns over the years, and regularly adds new products inspired by nature and flowers. To reduce waste and promote green habits, she does her best to make her products as eco-friendly as possible.


Flowers, especially using dried flowers, are so beautiful to Erin because they can be used after death to make something beautiful such as a crown to adorn the head of a living being. They can also be used to decorate a candle, soak in a bathtub, or put into lip gloss to add a touch of nature to everyday life. Erin wants to show that even the death of something so beautiful still has the power to inspire, just like her late daughter. 

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