Dana Finimore

Textured Sterling Silver Dome & Brass Teardrop Earrings, 2022

Dana Finimore

"Emotions rising…

The act of scribbling, laying down color, blending, and scraping is a reciprocal game of push and pull. Marks and paint strokes must be fluid, and intuitive or the work feels static. I find it interesting that the action of painting intrinsically churns up feelings from my depths, like bare feet stirring up a muddy pond. As pent-up emotions rise, my mood may transition from elation to frustration, and back again. The substrate feels like a sort of battleground. I advance… then retreat, then do it all again. For me, painting is about bringing something fresh into the world. A blank canvas offers a million possibilities. I manufacture a color story, a line, or a texture happens and a picture is born. How do I know when the work is finished? It is complete when all the elements collide in unity, or awkwardness, or somewhere in between. It must be impactful and, also give something back. If I feel something, I believe others will too."

Finimore has enjoyed a very diverse career path as a visual artist. Her work includes mixed media painting, clay, and small metals. Finimore maintains a busy schedule, teaching, plus showing work at both group and solo events. She is a member of the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi, the Teaching Artist Guild and the Arkansas Craft School. Finimore is represented by Pacesetter Gallery in Flowood, MS. Her work hangs in the permanent collections of financial institutions, corporate galleries and private collectors. Finimore holds a BFA in Painting and an MFA in Studio Art both from Memphis College of Art. 


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