Helene Fielder

Textural Platter, 2021

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Helene Fielder


A lifelong journey in clay..

After three decades working with clay, I'm still excited when the kiln lid opens. The clay experiment is still in progress. From the concept on paper, construction and glaze testing. I will never stop learning and discovering the diversity of this media. Ceramics is still a pathway to innovation, without forgetting it's value in centuries of tradition. 

My handmade functional pottery is created from clay, then high-fired to (1240 C / 2264 F) where the clay becomes vitrified. When clay is highfired it goes through a chemical change similar to stone, dense, and watertight.  I mix my own glazes to ensure all ingredients are food safe and lead free, and my pottery is microwave and dishwasher safe. High-fired stoneware pottery is extremely durable for normal usage and when handled with care.


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