Karen Bennett

Sunset, 2022
10 x 10 in
Sunset was painted en plein air. I always enjoy watching the colorful palette the Master Artist displays with every sunset. The way the light dances across the trees and landscape is always thrilling.

Karen Bennett

 Karen is an award-winning Studio and Plein Air Artist (French term meaning to paint outdoors). Most of her inspiration comes from the many travels with her wonderful husband, Danny and the great outdoors of their family farm. Karen's desire is that others will see and feel the peacefulness of her pastoral scenes, "I want the viewer to see, feel and hear the painting". She has studied under many renowned artists from across the nation and is a member of local and national Art associations. Karen's art has appeared on HGTV's 'Hometown' and can be found in Art Galleries throughout Mississippi. She invites you to follow her journey on Facebook & Instagram at: Karen Bennett Art 


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