Jules Williamson

Rustic Horse, 2024
36 x 24 in

I have always been fascinated by these majestic creatures and I wanted to capture their beauty in a modern way. Bringing the horse to life with its pure white coat shining against the rustic colors of the background. 

Jules Williamson

Jules Williamson is an artist based in Brandon, Mississippi. She has been painting since she was a child and her passion for art has grown stronger over the years. In her early years, her love for animals led her to wildlife realism as her main focus in art. Each piece is filled with intricate details that draw the viewer in, inviting them to truly appreciate the beauty of the animal world. She has always been drawn to the beauty of nature and it’s ever changing colors and textures. 


She finds herself constantly experimenting with different techniques and styles in her work. In her later years, she has ventured into the vibrant and dynamic world of contemporary art, exploring the use of bold colors, abstract shapes, and engaging textures. Her art is a reflection of her journey through life, capturing moments and emotions and expressing them in playful and free spirited manner. Her preferred medium is acrylics but she is always opened to trying new techniques and experimenting with different styles. As an artist, she is constantly evolving and pushing herself to grow and evolve with each piece she creates. 


She has been creating art for more than 20 years and her work has been featured in various galleries across Mississippi and parts of Florida.



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