Susanna Valieva

Purple and Green Scarf, 2024

I am working in nunofelt felting, it is a wet felting process.  I am working in Margelan silk from Uzbekistan and Merino wool from Italy for my scarfs, very soft and lightweight fabrics. 


When I am working on a bag or home shoes I am using wool, I am also drawing a picture on silk with wool in different colors.  The I am moistening with water and soap and rolling my silk and wool together.  This takes time, but always the result is interesting. 

Susanna Valieva

Susanna Valieva is a retired physician from Russia now living in Mississippi. She has always knitted, crocheted and grew up watching her mother make beautiful needlepoint work. 


She was introduced to the art of felting by a friend and fell in love with it instantly. That has led to many years of taking Master classes and developing her technique. She loves to be creative, which can be seen in her work, always finding new ways to make art with new techniques and ideas. 


Susanna is also a member of the Craftsmens' Guild of Mississippi. She shares her talents through textile creation, expressing herself through her wearable art and hopes you find a creation that connects to your own self-expression. 


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