Hannah W. Boone

Mysterious Beauty, 2024
48 x 48 x 2 in

I have recently started experimenting with a new method of painting, in which I use only my hands to paint with, and no brushes.  "Mysterious Beauty" is one of the many pieces I have created using this technique.  I believe that physically holding the paint in my hands and using them to paint creates a spiritual connection between me and the viewer.  This connection allows me to explore new worlds and vistas that I feel limited by with paint brushes.

Hannah W. Boone

Hannah W. Boone is a Clinton, MS, artist specializing in oil and acrylic abstract art. All of her works are inspired by nature and her Mississippi roots. She incorporates unique colors, textures, and organic shapes into each of her pieces. The artist strives to achieve with each piece a timelessness, both classic and bold. 


Hannah works at architectural firm CDFL in Fondren as an interior designer. Her specialty in interiors gives her a unique perspective on artwork and its impact on spaces. She uses color and expressive drawings to connect with her viewer. 

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