Jackie Gonzalez

My Inner Discovery and Acceptance, 2024
mixed media
36 x 36 in

In my life, I have experienced the exclusive ways that sometimes religion (maybe inadvertently) demonstrate toward others. We see it in the world around us-the wars that have desrtoyed so much...and what I have come to believe firmly in my heart is that we all pray to the same God-call it Yahweh, Allah, Shiva or Buddha, etc. Ultimately it is all about living a good, righteous life and having our own spiritual relationship with your God. 


There are several symbols on the painting. The top symbols are Christian and Jewish symbols on the painting, the orthodox cross and the Star of David. The bottom symbols represent gods from the Yoruba religion and meaningful to them, from left to right Obata-Purity, Ogun-Truth and Justice, Elegua-Repeat/Beginning, Orula-Healer, Oshun Embodying Love, Fertility, Beauty, Yemaya-Nurturing Love.



Jackie Gonzalez

Jackie Gonzalez was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New Orleans in 1978. What was a traumatic experience as an adolescent, soon became a love for a city that has become part of who she is as a person and as an artist.


Her father was an artist and she grew up in a world of color and expression. Back then she knew she had a voice, but didn't have a direction. It wasn't until she was in my 30's that she decided to get some art instruction, thinking that it would guide her in the direction she needed to go. Although she learned to create in different ways, without rules or pre-conceived ideas. she thus decided to continue learning on her own by trying things out, making many mistakes, and loving the unexpected results.


Since then, her voice has changed in infinite ways. "Life experiences have taught me to let go and express my feelings through my paintings. There's a voice in my heart that is screaming to be heard and most of the time I'm not aware of what I'm doing...I put the canvas on the floor and I walk around it, where I can be a part of "it"."


Her hope is that when you look at her paintings, you first become attracted to the colors...but then pay attention and look beyond. "I thrive in symbology, and even the smallest strokes or pieces of metal have significant meaning-and maybe not just my meaning-your meaning. For when you look at a painting, what you see and feel is entirely your HEART." 


Her work is exhibited in Abode in Matairie, NOLA Artwork in New Orleans and Pacesetter Gallery.  





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