Carys Glynne Snyder

Les Papillons, 2023
18 x 24 in
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Les Papillons was created from white charcoal on black paper, employing realism with a borderline-impressionist style. The title, French for "The Butterflies", refers both to the actual butterflies on the dancers' fingertips, as well as the light, graceful movements of the performers themselves.

Carys Glynne Snyder

Carys Glynne Snyder is a portrait artist, photographer, writer, actor, and filmmaker based in Starkville, Mississippi. As a student at Starkville High School, under the instruction of Andrew Lark, her charcoal drawings earned her NFAA Young Arts Merit Award, numerous Scholastic Art Awards, and were hung in the U. S. Capitol and published under the professional category of the Artist's Magazine. She attended Columbia University in New York, and during that time, continued to develop her representational skills under Edward Minoff. 


Carys now works in the film industry as a Production Designer in Mississippi and throughout the Southeast. With her artwork, Carys employs realism to bring to life surreal, cinematic, or otherwise larger-than-life subjects or scenarios. She finds her inspiration in nineteenth century art, the pre-Raphaelites and the Romantics, as well as by surrealism, mythology, fairy tales, and of course, cinema. 

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