String Thing Designs

Guitar String Bracelet, 2023

String Thing Designs

Wendy Nanney is from the small town of Baldwyn, MS. She is very easily inspired by the outdoors and enjoys walking creeks with her husband and two kids. Making jewelry hasn't always been her artistic medium, this opportunity came to her by accident. She attended a concert where the artist broke one of his guitar strings while on stage. Wendy says, "He handed me the string and I wanted to keep it, so I turned it into a bracelet. Fast forward 7 years later and I'd never picture it turning into what it is today. For that I am thankful." Wendy is a self-taught artist and takes inspiration in making things that are meaningful to others.


Wendy has been successful in juried art competitions and has her work published in magazines. Wendy believes, "There is still ART left in guitar strings even when the song is over."

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