Lydia Bourn

Girls in White Dresses with Blue Satin Sashes, 2022
6 x 10.75 x 1.25 in
The warm sunlight and rich colors of this scene inspired me to paint these cuties as I long for spring weather. Photo credit goes to Diane W. Jacobs

Lydia Bourn

From an early age, Lydia spent a great amount of time watching her dad create. Through his floral designs and landscape projects, his love and appreciation of nature, form and color was a constant influence in her life. Her grandmother began painting oil late in life and she remembers admiring her for exploring new passions. Her parents, both educators, instilled her her a love of learning, which influenced her decision to teach. Now years later, after a career in teaching, she found herself at a similar juncture in life as that of her grandmother. She finally found the time to explore old passions long ignored and wake dormant talents. During that initial time of exploration in art, she found excitement in the way the sunlight finds its path through the trees and explodes with color on everything it touches. 

"Capturing subtleties of light and shadow, depth and perspective, the seen and the unseen through the luminous medium of soft pastel are the challenges that bring me joy today." the artist states.  When not traveling she can be found at home with Tucker, her studio cat, lounging nearby. 

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