Five Dragons, 2022
24 x 35 in
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The theme of this painting was taken from the ancient myth of the Five Dragons, deities who were the watchers of our world. Their purpose was to sustain and balance all life forces via Dragon Energy. As our global tensions rise, I am reminded of this myth. While watching our dragons circle each other, I wonder what the future holds.


Classically trained in drawing and painting, JMadden, (a.k.a. Jeri Madden Flinn), wants to create a story with each piece of her work allowing the viewer to experience a character or a place from their own present or past life. Echoing a moment of acknowledgment, as if one is locking eyes with a stranger for the first time, or the feeling of deja vu, when encountering a scene which touches the soul is what the artist strives for. You may not understand why, but suddenly, you are connected, questioning or remembering, whatever the story. By rekindling these suppressed connections, hearts open and reflect upon experiences, allowing the viewer to understand the beauty of themselves in everyone and all that surrounds them. 

Jeri received a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas with an emphasis in drawing/painting, printmaking, and photography and received her Master of Fine Arts in 2D Design from Mississippi College. Along with studying the techniques of master artists, Jeri has had the privelege of studying with many nationally known master painters, Richard McKinley, Alan Picard, Stephen Birdsall, Sally Strand, Tom Christoper, Dawn Ermeson and Alan Flattmann, to name a few. She loves to experiment in her art with multi-medium and substructures, trying to break new ground combining different medium. Modern day artists such as Swoon, Banksy, and other urban artists around the world have inspired her to continue to see art as a means of connection for everyone.

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