Hope Walker Morgan

Dripping Flowers, 2024
mixed media
36 x 36 in

Acrylic medium with added texture. Flowers always make us remember to look around at all the beauty we have been given!

Hope Walker Morgan

Hope Walker Morgan is a professional artist, raised and currently living in Pascagoula, MS.  Hope has a business degree from the University of Mississippi but her passion lies with art.  Her paintings consist of an acrylic medium mixed with heavy texture which adds extreme volume to each and every piece. The added texture allows Hope the ability to create one-of-a-kind statement paintings.


Hope's work has been features in April 2021 Mud & Magolias Magazine and has been showcased at Antique's on Holiday in Miramar Beach, FL. She has participated in several art festivals throughout the south and she thoroughly enjoys meeting people interested in her art and interacting with other artists.


Her work continues to evolve through her play in color, form, and line as she combines elements of painting and sculpture in her work. 

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