Sam Clark

Dragon Plate Sir Linus Blue Horn, 2023
12 x 12 x 12 in
This dragon plate was sculpted with wet clay. I use slab-building techniques to form the piece and build a hollow form and add textures. Finally I apply layers of glazes for the color. This piece is fired in an electric kiln three times to complete the process.

Sam Clark

Sam Clark is a ceramic artist, primarily a sculptor, and he grew up in Louisville, MS.  He loves to create with his hand and feel wet clay squishing through his fingers. For over 20 years he has participated in juried craft shows and won many awards along the way.  Most recently, Sam was awarded the Legacy Award at this years Peter Anderson Show in Ocean Springs, MS, a show recognizing excellence in the ceramic arts. 

"With the art I create, my goal is to connect to this idea. As children, we see worlds of wonder and adventure around every turn, but as we grow old we often lose our way. Places of joy and refreshment become difficult to find. I do my best to help make a road back to these sacred places the soul longs for." 

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