Joshua Summers

Autumn Journey, 2022
24 x 30 in
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Joshua Summers

Joshua Summers is a native artist from Carthage, Mississippi. As his work has evolved through the years he has found himself working exclusively on large format oil landscapes. His landscapes are created by building up the paint with many thin layers, creating the depth and richness found in nature. He works from the background to the foreground with bristle brushes and palette knife on canvas. He has always felt a strong connection to nature. Josh states, "When I paint landscapes I feel a sense of relaxation and peace. It takes my mind off of the problems of the world and allows me to focus and enjoy each moment." As he works from dark to light he begins gradually working his way into the fine details.  He is inspired by the waterways and woods of his home state of Mississippi.


Joshua has been active in art his entire life, growing his skills through high school, and graduating from the art program at the Stratford Career Institute.  He attributes his continued growth through years of practice and being dedicated to what he loves doing most. 

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