Art Tree II Lighted, 2023
mixed media
17 x 6 in
Includes 100 count of mini LED lights that can blink or light steady, this artistic watercolor tree is the perfect gift for a small office for an artsy person!


May Lowe spent her adventurous childhood on a farm in the Mississippi Delta. This is where she discovered her love for drawing at the age of five and watercolor at the age of 15. 


The watercolor medium, because it is so elusive and unpredictable, presents a challenge for the artist as she creates her signature, realistic paintings. But it is a challenge she thoroughly enjoys. Working strictly from photographs, she enjoys the painstaking process of recreating the textures of a dog's fur, or the shadows, lights and reflections in a simple glass of water. She has recently started experimenting with acrylic paints and paper collaging. May graduated from the University of Mississippi with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. She is a member of the Jackson Watercolor Group and the Mississippi Artist Guild where she has received several awards, including Best in Show

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