Toney Harris

A Shot and A Cube, 2022
2.50 x 2.50 x 2.50 in
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Toney Harris

Toney Harris is a self taught potter, who has been working in clay for twenty-one years.

Toney has shared and worked in many pottery studios, with many different potters while

learning his craft along the way. Over the years he has learned and worked with ceramic artist

at the top of the field, and for the last fourteen years has been mentored by ceramic artist

and Professor of Ceramics at the University of Mississippi, Matt Long. 


During this time Toney has learned much about wood and soda atmospheric firing. Drawing inspiration from nature,

and historical craftsmanship. Toney's current bodies of work reflect robust forms, and a pallet

of naturally occurring colors found in his pottery, that can only be achieved through the

process of firing and working with clay this way. Toney currently resides and works with

his wife, who is also a potter, in Carrolton, Mississippi.

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